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AgriWeb Creations Idaho, LLC

West Bench

Boise, Idaho

Bid Management System

AgriWeb Creation’s Custom Bid Management System

AgriWeb Creations proudly introduces our innovative Construction Bid Management Software, meticulously designed to revolutionize the way your business plans, coordinates, and executes the bidding process. At the heart of this software is the Bid Calendar feature, a personalized tool tailored for each employee, allowing seamless organization and tracking of project bid deadlines, job walks, and internal bid due dates. This dynamic feature ensures that every team member is up-to-date with bid deadlines, milestones, and critical dates, optimizing workflow efficiency.

Our Estimator Scheduler is a game-changer for bid coordination. With this tool, owners and coordinators can effortlessly schedule estimators and manage bid submittals, ensuring a smooth and collaborative process. From project documentation to cost estimations, the Estimator Scheduler streamlines communication and coordination, empowering your team to submit competitive and timely bids.

To enhance security and streamline workflow, our Construction Bid Management Software incorporates role-based access control. Bid coordinators, business development professionals, estimators, and administrators each have designated access levels, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel. This feature not only safeguards confidential data but also enhances collaboration by providing the right individuals with the right tools and information.

AgriWeb Creation’s Construction Bid Management Software is the ultimate solution for construction companies looking to boost productivity, improve bid coordination, and secure their project management processes. Experience the power of customized bid calendars, efficient estimator scheduling, and secure role-based access control with our cutting-edge software, designed to elevate your construction project management to new heights.